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Vadim Bourenin's practice focuses primarily on cases involving environmental, energy and natural resources law. It includes oil and gas litigation, environmental litigation, contractual disputes, and eminent domain. Vadim's clients range from major pipeline companies, independent oil and gas companies to offshore drilling companies. Prior to his practice in Texas, Vadim served as a Law Clerk to Chief Justice Paul J. DeMuniz of the Oregon Supreme Court. Vadim is an Edmund S. Muskie Fellow, served as a General Counsel to the Constitutional Supervision Committee of Tajikistan, and taught Civil and Environmental & Natural Resources Law at the Law School of the Tajik State University.

In addition to being licensed in Oregon and Texas, Vadim is eligible to practice in most of the countries of ex-USSR. He was extensively involved in a number of Alaska and Oregon Bar projects aimed to assist to development of judicial ethics and jury trials in Russia.


Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College, Juris Doctor, 2008
Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College, LL.M., 1999
Tajik State University School of Law, jurist, 1986


Supreme Court of Texas, 2011
Supreme Court of Oregon, 2008

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