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  • Mr. Smither served as lead counsel in a 4 week jury trial in Harris County in May, 2007 representing a manufacturer in a wrongful death case. The trial resulted in a hung jury as to the negligence of the plaintiff and the other defendants. Mr. Smither's client settled during the retrial of the case.

  • Mr. Smither served as lead counsel representing a hotel in a premises liability case in Travis County in 2006. After a four day jury trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of Mr. Smither's client.

  • Mr. Smither served as lead counsel representing a plumbing parts manufacturer in a products liability case in Harris County in 2005. This case involved water damage to over 200 homes in several subdivisions in the Houston area. The petiitioner sought 2.4 million in compensatory damages and attorneys fees. The case required valuation of each remediated residence, resolution of insurance coverage issues with several insurers and ultimately a favorable settlement for the client.

  • Mr. Smither served as counsel in a four day jury trial in Montgomery County in 2004 representing an insurance company in a first party uninsured/underinsured motorist case. The plaintiff received a verdict substantially less than the award requested from the jury.

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